The development will principally consist of: the construction of a Student Accommodation development containing 698 No. bedspaces with associated facilities located in 8 No blocks, which range in height from part 3 No. storeys to part 6 No. storeys over part lower ground floor level (7 No. storeys as viewed from a courtyard that will be internal to the scheme at lower ground floor level). Some 679 No. bedspaces are provided in 99 No. clusters ranging in size from 5 No. bedspaces to 8 No. bedspaces, each with a communal Living/Kitchen/Dining room. The remaining 19 No. bedspaces are accessible studios. The development includes the provision of communal residential amenity space at lower ground floor level (349 sq m) including the provision of a movie room (108 sq m), a music room (42 sq m) and a laundry (37 sq m); communal residential amenity space (1,356 sq m) at ground floor level including the provision of a gym (228 sq m), reception desk and seating area (173 sq m), a common room (338 sq m), a study space (104 sq m), a library (64 sq m), a yoga studio (74 sq m), a prayer room (33 sq m) and group dining (33 sq m).


The development also includes staff and administrative facilities (195 sq m); 9 No. car parking spaces; 4 No. motorcycle parking spaces; 860 No. cycle parking spaces; refuse stores; signage; an ESB substation and switchroom; boundary treatments; green roofs; PV panels; hard and soft landscaping; plant; lighting; and all other associated site works above and below ground. The development includes the demolition of part of the Goatstown Afterschool building (558 sq m) and the construction of a new external wall to the remaining ope. In addition, a prefabricated structure (161 sq m) located to the south of the Afterschool building is proposed to be removed.